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Down to the Quick

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Prolific and experienced poet Nancy Scott comes to readers with a new volume of poetry in "Down to the Quick". She has spent much of her life in service to children in need as a foster parent, and her poetry reflects on her life in the service of these children. "Down to the Quick" is moving and inspiring, recommended. "The Sixth Child": She lived in a crib her first three years,/in a closet, often not fed./Mom said she only had five./When rescued, Annie could barely sit.//Today, with thin arms, she circles her food/and waits./If she thinks you're not looking,/she squirrels away cheese, raisins, grapes,//deep in her pockets, under the rug,/between the cushions./You give Annie what she wants,/and don't let on.

Midwest Review, October 2008
Date Added: 03/02/2009 by Nancy Scott
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